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What is actually in the works right now - Pre-Launch until Fall 2019?











#WeCanTeachOurOwn - Parenting the Diaspora Podcast 

So proud to announce we've been accepted into the Women of Color Podcast Incubator program sponsored by House of Pod in Denver, Colorado.  LEARN MORE

1st Annual National African-American Homeschool Graduation Ceremony -

Class of 2020

Diaspora Academy is proud, excited, and honored to announce that we have a final date and location for our 2020 inaugural event, the 1st Annual National African-American Homeschool Graduation Ceremony. LEARN MORE

For our youth, a way to Next-Level Learning through Transmedia Experience & Gaming 

For Parents & Teachers of Scholars of African and African-American Heritage, App Development linking Schools, Tools, & Opportunities


We are building a cross-platform app for use on various devices that, upon launch, will give you access to a vast network across the US and abroad that will link:

  • Practical homeschooling tools including transcript management, testing and assessment, standards creation (yes, creation) and alignment, and schedule creation.

  • Black Teachers and organizations dedicated to the educational aspirations and challenges of children of the African Diaspora through live streamed and pre-recorded content,

  • Educational, entrepreneurial, artistic and literary content - materials reflective of our children for immediate free and paid download or online use, and

  • Daily access to tips on homeschooling, dealing with state and local authorities, and other supports.



DragonSTEAM Guild - an interactive Youth STEAM Project - We have begun development of a cross-platform mobile game and transmedia experience that creates an engaging interactive game environment with protagonists that reflects our diversity, a compelling mission, and skill and knowledge-based prompts and challenges along the way. YOUTH TECH TEAM HELP WANTED. 

THE ANANSI MAZE Curricular Material 

Also for this age group, I am personally creating academic content for 3rd - 6th grade around my literary work, currently my novel "The Anansi Maze" (2018), available on Amazon. 









We are linking access to content - as well as CREATING content - that reflects our diversity and builds solid reading and math skills, the basis of all further learning. OUR FUNDING - We are welcoming Sponsors, Members, Supporters, any who want to strengthen this resource. We are currently completely funded through memberships and out-of-pocket, with future profits of my newly-launched holiday business aptly featuring traditional African-American sweet potato pie. (Yes.) Mrs. Davenport's Sweet Potato Pie.


We have to do this ourselves.

Your memberships will support purchasing new or refurbished computer equipment, LMS training, communication, supporting, and building capacity for Black teachers to tutor online, time spent connecting tutoring co-ops and organizations already involved on the local and state level, and allowing me to create artistic and educational content full-time to serve our families.


Right now, I am funding Diaspora Academy, a socially entrepreneurial venture, through my own means in partnership with Patreon, including teaching, tutoring, selling my sweet potato pies (Yes! Right here​.) Whatever it takes. 

DO YOU BELIEVE ALL OUR CHILDREN CAN SUCCEED? YES!  Please become a member and show your support

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