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Let's do this.

Black Homeschool
African Diaspora

Join the Conversation. 

 84% BEHIND by 4th grade?!!

 Not in OUR house!






ENOUGH with low expectations stunting our children's growth.


Thank you for showing your passion for our kids.


I am proud of how many are stepping forward for our boys and girls,

our youth, our men and women, our elders.


There is strength and beauty in heritage...and in potential.


Diaspora Academy has completed its Incubation Stage and is now in Pre-Launch as part of its development in partnering Vision to Practice. 


A new year started in 2018 and many of us again found ourselves busy grappling with current realities in our public and charter schools, parochial and private schools, and in our homeschools.

As Diaspora Academy evolved, I see that our focus needs to be on Alternate Schooling - whether that means Homeschooling, Saturday Schooling, Supplementary Schooling, however it is that we plan to shake up the Status Quo, to expose our children to individualized education that is excellent and transcendent, and to destroy those insidious assumptions that our children cannot achieve at the same high levels that other children can.

I am personally doubled-down, even triple-downed, as the founder and ruminant of this ambitious network to link educational resources, amazing opportunities, and visionary people in service to a mission of strengthening and empowering our next generation.


Teaching. Researching. Analyzing. Strategizing. Envisioning.


That was our Incubation Period, and that is our Pre-Launch, and I invite you to continue to submit feedback, to share your initiatives, companies, education-related businesses, tutoring services, challenges and inspirational stories as Diaspora Academy has now launched.


The forums are re-opening, hopefully, if that is sustainable and beneficial. Please contact us by email if you want to voice what's next. Or to moderate.


Your voice is needed. For example: How do we build a strong, sustainable, remarkable future for our kids? How do we stop this violence? How do we do more than survive? How do we thrive? 


We need moderators. Email, please.


In any case: Stay watchful. Jump in. Let's build this. More news soon. 


For the Future of our Children of African heritage. #DiasporaForever


- Mrs. Jenelle Valentine Davenport, MAEd 

CEO and Founder of Diaspora Academy

Host of the podcast #WeCanTeachOurOwn


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